ChIP Buck - Technology

By the time Chip was 25 yrs old he built a multi-state Domino's franchise empire and was elected to chair the International Franchise Advisory Council. Chip studied business and computer science as an undergrad, but missed technology, so he sold his franchise business and founded an application hosting business. Chip was one of the leading technical visionaries and architects in cloud-based application delivery and holds multiple patents. A true visionary he has made a career by challenging the status quo and brings his product vision and technical execution expertise to Honey.

Chip loves to white-water kayak, work around the “farm” and solve complex technology problems; but he's not just a geeky farmer, he's an avid soccer player, skier, and instrument rated pilot.



Frank Houghton - Vision

Frank will tell you right away “we put a man on the moon, so we can do anything here on Earth”. That’s because Frank believes obstacles are self-created.

He started working at 11 picking cucumbers on a farm in rural New England for the county sheriff.  That winter he started a snow removal service and realized the freedom it gave him to choose his customers. Since then he has either founded or co-founded six businesses.

He has spent most of his career in global sales and business development roles. A consummate visionary, Frank serves as our CEO.

Outside of work, he enjoys traveling, sailing, anything underwater, martial arts and riding his bike.

One thing you wouldn’t guess about Frank: he is a vegetarian, but several years ago he wouldn’t have guessed that either.



Peter Melerski - CRO 

When Peter walks in a room, you will know he is there, not because he is tall, German or that he can command a room, but because he is a tax consultant that has an infectious sense of humor. Yes, believe us – it’s true!

Peter may be funny, but his career has been anything but funny. In fact, he spent most of his career taking on the German equivalent of the IRS (we are not sure they appreciated his humor). He last served as a Managing Partner and Management Board and Advisory Board member at Ernst & Young.

Peter enjoys everything music and all things wine. He listens to nearly anything that has a melody, but will not drink just anything.

One thing you wouldn’t guess about Peter: He is an avid guitar player and once moved to Vienna just to learn how to play the piano.




Are you the best at what you do? Credentials are impressive, but they don’t tell us the real story about you. We want to know you and why you would think you are a good fit here at Honey. We look for people who have that overwhelming drive inside to do something they are not yet certain what it is. If you can sum up that feeling in one sentence or why you would be a great fit at Honey (use semicolons liberally if need be) don’t hesitate to reach out, we would love to hear from you! At the very least we can each make a new friend.