We started Honey specifically to enable people and small businesses to pay each other electronically without anyone having to pay any transaction fees. What we found along the way was VERY interesting.

Honey does give free payments. Why? Simply because payments creates data. Data about your businesses, data about your customers and even data about your industry. We then make sense of this data and give you an easy-to-use mobile interface to use the data to make business decision and reach your community customers and prospects.


Some quick FAQs

Data - how is it used? Privacy is REALLY important to us. In fact, we don’t just have a privacy policy, we have a data constitution. The right to privacy can never be overstated and will never be overlooked at Honey. We use lots of aggregate data to predict trends and consumer behavior, but one will never know any particular business or any individual, unless that individual requires that business to know them.

So what’s in it for consumers? Well our research shows that people love Main Street! They crave relationships with local merchants and they want you to be better educated on their needs. We intend to let them tell their favorite merchants what they want - and we hope you will provide it to them. What’s better than having deals they love from their favorite merchants delivered directly to them inside of Honey?!

Give me an example. Let’s say you are a taco truck owner and you have to choose a new location (there is construction in your usual spot). You can open Honey to help you determine a good alternative that will be the least disruptive to your existing customers, have little-to-no competition, and help you find new customers. Our data will tell you that you are likely to lose “x” amount of customers, but gain “x” amount of new ones in the new location. We can then enable you to tell all of your new and existing customers where your new location is and when you pull up. You can even conduct a first time customers promo. You can do all of this from your mobile phone!

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