A few years back a couple of our founders were traveling and didn’t have cash on hand. Usually not a problem when you have a wallet full of credit cards, but it was very problematic when they needed to tip someone. In fact, it was downright embarrassing not to have cash. Over dinner, they chatted about how they wished that they had a trusted source to use whereby two people could mimic cash simply by tapping their phones together. The idea for Honey was born, but only in spirit.


It was more than a year later that our CEO visited the northern Brazilian Amazon and saw firsthand how the river people grew their cash assets without using a bank account. The cycle starts when a calf is born. They raise the calf into a cow, nurturing her and praising her as a valid asset. When the village incurs an unexpected expense and they need to trade with the outside world, they sell the cow at market for cash. It was remarkably simple, yet brilliant. This is when one founder heard his calling.


The result is Honey.