Digital Money Clip

Honey is a mobile payment platform SPECIFICALLY designed to mimic cash


Cash is unique in that if you possess it, you own it. A dollar bill doesn't have a rolling list of who owned it. It doesn't say this bill belongs to Susie and she gave it Johny, who then gave it to his brother Mike", so why do mobile payment solutions tell Facebook and the world who paid what to whom?  Cash is instant, fast, irreversible and doesn't have your name on it; we believe mobile payments should act the same way and as such we enable your mobile phone to mimic cash.

Example:  Ever leave the house without cash and realize that you wanted to tip someone for carrying your 600 pound suitcase? We have all been there (yes, shoes weigh a lot). It's really embarrassing and cringeworthy to say "sorry, I don't have any cash on me, but thanks for carrying my bag". The porter won't take a credit card and many of us don't want to share our phone numbers, bank accounts or user IDs with a stranger - with Honey's ID protect, you don't have to.

Simply by shaking their phones with one another our users can transmit money from one phone to another. The need to look up or share user IDs, mobile numbers or email addresses is passé.

"To the person you don't want to know, just shake and go".


What if one person doesn’t have the Honey app?

We say, “No App, No Problem”. We enable your phone to create Honey Money. You decide how much and when it expires. Honey Money can be printed, texted, emailed, handed out to the less fortunate or given to anyone who doesn't have the app. Honey Money is not a volatile cryptocurrency, it's essentially a token based on fiat currencies and is as good as cash. It's sort of like an instant redeemable check that you don't have to wait to clear.

Mobile payments, proximity payment, blockchain, electronic cash, Moneyclip.

M2M (the P2P & POS Marriage)

M2M is simple, it's how people and entities can exchange money. M2M is: Mobile-to-Mobile, This is how people pay people; Mobile-to-Merchant, this is how people pay a merchant for a good or a service; and Merchant-to-Merchant, this is how merchants pay each other. 

Suffice to say for every user it means options, options to pay anyone, anywhere in the world at anytime on your terms.


So where can I download the app?


Well, in the money business, regulators effectively see you as either a bank or a money transmitter. In our case, we are closely aligned to being a money transmitter, so we are in the process of waiting for our friends in 49 states and Washington D.C. to approve each of our applications. We know what you are thinking; other firms will allow me to transfer money without proper regulation, so why are you waiting? We understand that many companies utilize different tactics when it comes to compliance, but we are not like other companies and suggest all companies meet the same standards. 

We take integrity and honesty very seriously and think all people should as well. Having said that, the minute our applications are approved you can be one of the first to download our app by signing up in the link below.