Problems we solve for the little guy on main street

• Accepting a credit card is costly! 'nuff said? Nah - we want to enable small businesses to process payments for FREE. Yup, the no strings attached kind of free.

• Retargeting customers and reaching prospects is hard and can be costly. Yup, we know and we got you covered.

• What about hardware and lengthy expensive contracts? Oh please, that's so 1980s (and not in a Duran Duran good kinda' way). Free to sign-up, no contracts and it takes all of 90 seconds to start processing payments.

Mobile payments, proximity payment, blockchain, electronic cash, Moneyclip.

....and we do some P2P too

  • We strongly believe people should be able to pay any person or entity with one app. Heck, we believe people should be able to pay people who do not have the app - and you can using Honey!
  • Oh, so I have to give some creepy stranger on Craigslist my user Id, phone number or email to pay them for that Ikea desk? We don't like creepy people either. We deploy shake and go technology. Wanna' send money to someone and protect your identity? It's as simple as shaking your phone.
  • We don't believe in sharing your financial transactions online - period.