We are transparent, we are honest and we don’t like nefarious folk. Data and privacy is very important to our founder’s, our ethos and the core of Honey. As such, we are completing our data privacy Bill of Rights (which is already part of our culture, but hasn’t made it’s way here).

Frankly, we believe data collectors aren’t thinking about the problem correctly and any sharing should be done with COMPLETE transparency and user input. Let’s face it, no one really cares (bad folks aside) if John Smith drinks coffee every morning (loved ones aside), but businesses do care about whether or not they can get John Smith to buy some coffee from them. On the other hand John Smith might care that his morning coffee is actually a caffè mocha and he wants it ready for him on Tuesday at 7:35AM. In order for John to pick up his caffè mocha from the coffee shop, the coffee shop needs to know that John is the caffè mocha buyer. That’s the data relationship we seek to balance and solve for.

We look forward to all sorts of feedback and suggestions on ways that we can help you manage what data we have and how you may or may not want it used. This will help us shape the data story for the entire world - and for generations to come.

Just before we say “stay tuned”, we want to give you a few examples of what that could look like (we like bullet points & numbering): 1) I don’t like this merchant “swipe left” (wanna’ share some feedback on why?); 2) I love that restaurant - tell them it’s me coming so they can save my favorite seat for me; 3) I like to share, but I don’t want anyone to know who I am; 4) Nah, don’t share anything with anyone, I don’t want any deals, heck I only use Honey so I can pay my friends

Please stay tuned!