Digital Money Clip

Honey is a mobile proximity payments platform designed to mimic cash


So what does that mean? Let’s give you an example.

Ever leave the house without cash and realize that you wanted to tip someone for carrying your 600# suitcase? We have all been there (yes, shoes weigh a lot). Honey was designed to enable you to tip the person who carried your bag without having to give them any identifiable information about yourself (for example, your phone number or user ID). In just a few seconds you can essentially tap your phone with theirs and make the transfer. Why only essentially? Well because it’s actually not a tap, it’s more like a shake, but you’ll get the hang of it quickly.


What if one person doesn’t have the Honey app?

We say, “No App, No Problem”. We have designed a Digital Moneyclip® just for you! In fact, everything we do is all about you, so yes, you can transfer money to people who do not have the app.

Mobile payments, proximity payment, blockchain, electronic cash, Moneyclip.

What else can I do with Honey?

Well there is the usual split the bill with your friends scenario or the typical "you owe me money stuff", but more importantly, we don’t want to tell you how to use Honey. We just want you to shake your phone like you are rattling the bubbles in a coke can to spray your friend and we will do the rest.


So where can I download the app?


Well, in the money business, regulators effectively see you as either a bank or a money transmitter. In our case, we are closely aligned to being a money transmitter, so we are in the process of waiting for our friends in all 50 states to approve each of our applications. We know what you are thinking; other firms will allow me to transfer money without proper regulation, so why are you waiting? We understand that many companies utilize different tactics when it comes to compliance, but we are not like other companies and suggest all companies meet the same standards. 


We take integrity and honesty very seriously and think all people should as well. Having said that, the minute our applications are approved you can be one of the first to download our app by signing up in the link below.