Mobile payments the way you wished they were

"I will pay my customers to download and use Honey"                          - Kevin, Thai Restaurateur 


"Cash is King"

"Cash is king" is a phrase that has rang across markets and alleys for more than 3,000 years. Admittedly, this phrase initially perplexed us here at Honey. Cash, check, credit, a promise to pay later, who cared we thought, as long as you eventually got paid what you were owed. We were hot on mobile payments, they made sense to us, but they failed to gain any real traction in the U.S. Why, we wondered. So like any curious bunch, we sought answers - and boy did we find them! 

Stay tuned to learn how we are solving the cash is king mobile problem and enabling mobile payments to take off in the U.S.

"To the person you don't want to know, just shake and go".


A few Problems we are solving for P2P users

• Pay people without exposing any PII to each other.   (PII = user ID, mobile number, email etc.)

• Pay someone who does not have the app 

• Instant and irreversible settlements

• As easy as shaking your phone to pay a person 

  Mobile payments, proximity payment, blockchain, electronic cash, Moneyclip.

Problems we are solving for small merchants

• Card acceptance costs are outrageously high

• No mobile solutions mimic cash at the "register"

• Terminal hardware is expensive | upgrade fatigue

• No way to retarget customers or reach prospects


So where can I download the app?


Well, in the money business, regulators effectively see you as either a bank or a money transmitter. In our case, we are closely aligned to being a money transmitter, so we are in the process of waiting for our friends in 49 states and Washington D.C. to approve each of our applications. We know what you are thinking; other firms will allow me to transfer money without proper regulation, so why are you waiting? We understand that many companies utilize different tactics when it comes to compliance, but we are not like other companies and suggest all companies meet the same standards. 

We take integrity and honesty very seriously and think all people should as well. Having said that, the minute our applications are approved you can be one of the first to download our app by signing up in the link below.